Bute vs Brian Magee

Lucian Bute and Brian Magee is predicted as quick but filled with adrenaline rush, with Bute's power, class and deadly body punching. But others said that Magee is a gritty boxer who doesn't quit easy.

Bute floored Brinkley with an uppercut in round nine, to defend his IBF super middleweight title for the sixth time last year. Meanwhile Irish boxer Brian Magee has 47-0 boxing record who mostly fight in Europena soil is up for the challenge after he defended his IBO Intercontinental super middleweight title against Armenia's Roman Aramian in Sept. 2010.

Round 10 -- KO by Bute
Bute's final blow to the body for the 3rd time lands on Magee and the ref calls this fight.The knockdown was due to an uppercut by Bute to Magee's head. Bout stopped at 2:04 of 10th round and ends Brian Magee's night.

Lucian Bute remains undefeated now 28-0